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Many thanks to Mauro Verderosa and his team for the organization of CISSP bootcamp in Geneva.
It was a great experience being teached by Mauro. His deep knowledge in Cybersecurity and all 8 CISSP domains, moreover with his professional experience he shared with us, were very qualitative and meaningful.
I also enjoyed the quality of interactions with other attendees coming from a wide range of industries.
All this, in addition with the monthly Q&A, and personal work of course, gave me the chance to pass the CISSP exam at first attempt...
Thanks again and looking forward to the next events!

Vincent MENARDPhysical Security Specialist

Special thanks to Mauro Verderosa and my colleagues of the training! Mauro is an excellent trainer, efficient, with an excellent knowledge of the subject, attentive and caring. His concern to involve the learners is also a credit to him.
I liked everything about the course: the concrete examples, the trainer's ability to transmit information and the snacks 😉
I recommend the training without hesitation, and I'm glad I made the trip from Nantes (France) to be part of the boot camp at Geneva (Switzerland)

Nesrine MANSOUR-SOM IPM Cloud and Cybersecurity

Thank you Mauro Verderosa and to PSYND without doubt one of the best professors and instructors in ISC2 for allowing us to do this high level study. I recommend this training with Mauro to anyone who wants to improve their skills in Cybersecurity, because he can give you all the knowledge you need to succeed. Now it is up to us these students to revise thoroughly to obtain the best results. I think we have all the cards in hand.

Stewe BulachCybersec Engineer at Public Admin

Thank you very much! Mauro is surely the best CISSP instructor in Switzerland, he clearly knows the test and the profession very well, and he definitely is the best possible bet to pass this exam while learning really a lot

Pablo Pinés LeónCCSP, MBA, ISO at Swiss Insurance

Thank you PSYND specifically to our great and expert CISSP mentor Mauro Verderosa. It is such an honor to be your student. I truly learned so much from you.

Cristina BarberetCybersecurity Consultant, Consulting

The CISSP boot camp offered by PSYND IT Security Services is second-to-none, a really immersive experience. The boot camp was led by Mauro Verderosa, who is an extremely seasoned and talented instructor. He was able to thoroughly cover all of the necessary topics in each CISSP domain, and relate real-world experiences to those teachings. The method was extremely effective, and provided an environment where the entire focus for the duration of the CISSP training is on the CISSP material. I thoroughly recommend the training!

Laura VoicuManager Security Assurance, InfoSec

I chose PSYND to train for the CCSP exam after several years of CLoud Security Experience, and being already a seasoned CISSP. This I know: when preparing for a major (ISC)2 certification, you need to understand how to rationalize the questions you are asked, and develop a strategy to quickly identify what answers makes sense and which not. This is exactly what Mauro Verderosa aims in his training and he nails it completely. I recommend PSYND training to those who already master the thoery - leverage sessions to secure 100% success for the certification. Learn how to think as a "certified professional" and take the experience way beyond an exam.

René TaboadaIAM Architect at Insurance Company

I am happy to have taken the PSYND training before taking the CISSP exam. Being able to work on the CBK topics and discuss my questions in the small group was great. Mauro is a very knowledgeable and experienced trainer I can highly recommend.

Raul MartinezHead of Architecture at Public Org

Mauro was the instructor of the CCSP boot camp that I followed during September 2020. I truly enjoyed the 5 days of training, full with knowledge about the Cloud and Cybersecurity in general. Mauro has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on security and auditing and he shared both his knowledge and experience during the training. He makes sure you understand the concepts and repeats the most important information with particular attention to those concepts that you will easily find during the exam. Mauro's way of teaching is practical, enough humor to make sure the 5 days fly by and with enough examples so the information sticks. A knowledgeable instructor!

Christian D.ISO at Insurance Company

I attended the PSYND CISSP Boot Camp week, led by Mauro Verderosa, mid-June 2021 and passed the exam the 3rd week of August 2021.
From an exam preparation perspective, it’s clear that the different available books are good to read but not enough to fully understand what is presented to candidates during the exam. The PSYND training provided us with a very valuable understanding of the priorities and the mindset expectations for the exam, in a way that is not displayed in the books. This greatly helped me to perform on the day of the exam.
Additionnally, Mauro was pedagogical, kind and flexible towards us, the trainees, which made the week both efficient and enjoyable. I definitely recommend to all CISSP aspirants.The CISSP bootcamp was very useful to me. The real added value was the advices provided by Mauro on which specific subjects and elements I will need to put my focus on for the exam. His experience with the CISSP and his knowledge on what kind of questions usually appear were very valuable to me.
The simulated exam at the end of the week also allowed me to measure where I stand for the exam.

Ivan Mezui-MinkoSenior Audit Manager at Education

Mauro was my CISSP trainer and I’ve also attended a few conferences he has held.
Mauro teaches you more than Security. He teaches you Security Culture with the principal goal to protect the human asset at first place. Expertise, Integrity and Trust are 3 other words that describe him very well. These are for me priceless qualities and I wish to meet more professionals of that kind in this domain.

Alexandre IzriCISO at major aviation IT company

The CISSP bootcamp was very useful to me. The real added value was the advices provided by Mauro on which specific subjects and elements I will need to put my focus on for the exam. His experience with the CISSP and his knowledge on what kind of questions usually appear were very valuable to me.
The simulated exam at the end of the week also allowed me to measure where I stand for the exam.

Bertrand S.Cybersecurity SME at Int.Organization

I would like to thank PSYND team on helping me to prepare for the CCSP certification exam.
I passed my CCSP exam successfully after attending 5 days of intense boot camp.
The exam is tough, not cheap and you need to prepare really well.
I highly recommend to get instructor-led training with PSYND, the only (ISC)² official academy in Switzerland.
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Charbel NemnomCloud Architect at IT Company

Mauro trained me for the CCSP, and he certainly did it very well, since I passed on my first attempt. He knows very well all the topics of the training, provides very insightful advice that is really helpful, and the simulated exam at the end of the training, on which I got almost 70%, was really a big confidence boost that motivated me to study further. He really delivers what he promises and I can definitely recommend his training to anyone wanting to get an ISC2 certification.

Pablo Pinés LeónCloud SME at Major Swiss Insurance

The biggest benefit I received it was to be prepared for the CISSP training in a few days. Mauro was our onsite live trainer during one week and teach us about the main needed keypoints to pass efficiently the exam. Mauro was excellent, and he really geared the course to exactly what we needed, so it wasn't a waste of time.

PascalRisk Manager at Major Swiss Bank

Thanks again for the education ;-) you delivered to us this week during this CISSP bootcamp. Was quite intensive but very valuable and much appreciated!

Jean-Marc E.Senior Sales Engineer

Merci à Mauro Verderosa et à l'excellente qualité de sa formation délivrée par PSYND.

LeonardoEngineer at Public Admin

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