Training FAQ

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Training FAQ

Q. Why train with PSYND?

PSYND is the only ISC2 Official Academy in Switzerland. With us you will have all the latest updates about exams, you will work using the official material and you will test your preparation with a real exam simulation.

Q. What is an ISC2 OTP?

An OTP, Official Training Partner, receives the material directly from ISC2: whatever you will get during our boot camps, it will be exam contents, and always up-to-date: the official ISC2 courseware guarantees the most current version developed by ISC2.

Q. How to recognize an OTP?

Official Training Partners are displayed in the webpage of ISC2, and they are the only one authorized to display this logo on their webpages:

Q. What is the course language?

Material and the course are in English, and this is essential because this is the official language of the exam. The instructor will use the same keywords and expressions that you will find in the exam, to create an ideal 1:1 match.

Q. What if my English is not good enough?

Our instructor speaks also French, Italian and Spanish, if some things are not clear, some concepts could be explained again in another language.

Q. Could the course be given in another language?

If all the audience speaks another language spoken by the instructor, the course could be held in another language, but the training material will remain in English.

Q. I am in a career transition..

We are recognized by the cantons of Geneva and Zurich, if you are in a career transition or if you are currently unemployed and looking for job, you could get a partial or a full refund for your certification attending to our boot camps.

Q. Are there any CPEs assigned for these boot camps?

Yes, if before attending the boot camp you are already holding an ISC2 or an ISACA certification, as an official ISC2 academy, will award you with up to 40 CPEs.

Q. How will I test my knowledge?

During the last day of the boot camp you will do an exam simulation to check your understanding in the different areas and to help you to prepare better the exam.

Q. Can I make the exam right after the boot camp?

Technically yes, but we always suggest to spend at least a few weeks reviewing the material and get familiar with laws and regulations before doing your the exam.

Q. Can I attend my exam at PSYND?

No, PSYND is an ISC2 Official Academy, but not an exam center. Once you will be prepared, you will book your examination at a Pearson VUE center.

Q. Where can I book my exam?

Please check here: Pearson VUE center.

Q. What are the exam fees?

Please check here: Pearson VUE center. Our students can get a voucher discount, but only if booked before the training.

Q. Any guarantees?

At PSYND you will be trained by ISC2 Official Instructors. The preparation will be focused to maximize your success at the exam. In the event that you might not pass the exam within 6 months after attending to the training, you will be invited for free to attend again the training or part of it.

Q. How to get endorsed?

After passing your exam, you should be endorsed by an ISC2 certified professional. If you might not have the neeeded experience you might apply as "Associate" and get the needed experience afterwards.

Q. Do you provide material?

Yes, all our students will receive the ISC2 official training material.

Q. Can I buy the material elsewhere?

No, the material you can buy online is not official course material. You can buy as an integration for your preparation, but it's not substituting the official ISC2 course material.

Q. Any other question?

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