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In the latest years the insider threats were growing, and anyone within the company, with access to sensitive information, can intentionally or accidentally leak it or provide access to external or malicious actors.

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Digitalization of Information

During the latest years we are going through a digital transformation of contents. While in the past we were used to work only with physical documents, today we promote the adoption of digital content that could be easily accessed, modified and shared with customers and business partners.

Sensitive data discovery within the company's digital workspace is the first step to efficient data protection.

Things could go wrong

In recent years, insider threats are growing, anyone within the company with access to sensitive information can intentionally or accidentally leak it or provide access to external or malicious actors.

Anyone can make a mistake, and if not guided properly, upload and expose company data publicly on Internet or sent it to the wrong person. Furthermore, malicious insiders may either want to harm the company or get financial rewards for providing the internal know-how to unauthorized 3rd parties.

Data Breaches

If one of these events occur, the consequences could be catastrophic for an entire business: trade information could be exposed, the confidentiality of company and customer's data could be compromised, like personal, financial or medical information.

And then you could be facing regulatory fines, loss of competitive advantage, reputational damage, and customer churn. Costs of data breaches and insider-caused incidents are growing in double-digits in recent years.

Data Loss Prevention

A DLP and insider threat protection solution will help you to identify the sensitive data are created and moved in your environment, classify them for sensitivity or for other important criteria that you might require.

Once these steps will be done you will be able to decide how these data can be processed and/or exported from your system and you will be able to define permitted or prohibited destinations.

With endpoint DLP you can silently record every operation, block it or let users decide if they want to proceed with:
- sending sensitive data via email or instant messenger outside the organization
- uploading sensitive data to public file-share or cloud storages
- copying sensitive data to an unrecognized USB drive

Insider Threat Protection

Using user behavior risk analysis work you can discover and audit high-risk employees (departing, layoffs, remote workforce, contractors) and advise them to adjust their behavior before causing a data security incident.

With workspace analysis and control, you are able to discover and remove unwanted or unnecessary applications, hardware, or peripherals in your environment to minimize shadow IT and optimize costs.

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Modern data loss prevention solution can help you with guiding your employees on data security, enforcing security policies, and with detecting insider threats.

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