Data Loss Prevention

Digitalization of Information

During the latest years we are going through a digital transformation of contents. While in the past we were used to work only with physical documents, today we promote the adoption of digital contents that could be easy to access, modified and shared with customers and business partners.

Things could go wrong..

Unfortunately data are accessed not only by us and, if not corretly protected, they could be also available to attackers willing to access business secrets, or to information concerning our partners or customers.

Information could also be leaked by mistake by an employee, who could send a wrong attachment, upload the file to an unprotected location, or exporting data using a compromise device.

Data Breaches

If one of these events might verify the consequences could be catastrofic for an entire business: trade information could be exposed, the confidentiality of company and customer's data could be compromised, like personal, financial and medical information, the company could be in breach of one or more regulations, the company reputation might suffer a big shock!

Data Loss Prevention/1

A DLP solution will help you to identify the data you are hosting in the system, classify them for importance, for sensitivity or for any other important criteria that you might decide.

Once these steps will be done you will be able to decide how these data will be accessed and/or exported from your system and you will be able to select which will be the authorized destination and which will be not.

Data Loss Prevention/2

The protection will be implement in all the workstations of the company: without the authorization of a manager you could decide to prevent the confidential data to be:
- copied to unrecognized USB drive
- uploaded to public fileshare
- sent to private emails
- protect also fileshares in O365.. and more!

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