Privileged Access Management

Privileged Identity Management principles

Introduction to the Privileged Identity Management concepts like the SoD and the Chinese Wall, plus some application commonly used in the market

What are Privileged Accesses?

Manage Privileged Accesses is like holding the keys of the IT kingdom.

Privileged accesses aren’t isolated, but they exist in all workstations, servers, applications and DevOps pipelines, across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and everywhere.

The Privileged Accesses are normally present in companies in form of shared, service or technical accounts: all those accounts not bind to a specific person.

They are commonly held by your IT admins and stored in local workstations or laptop, the same computers that are used to navigate on Internet, browse or connect on social networks.

Things could go wrong..

When Privileged Accesses are employed properly, they allow complete control of data, infrastructure and assets using direct accesses.

In the wrong hands, these accesses can be used to steal sensitive data and cause significant damage to the business making privileged accesses a top target for attackers.

The core systems of the company could be potentially accessed bypassing controls, services could be made unavailable, controls could be bypassed or information could be exfiltrated.

Protect yourself today!

Privileged Access Management solutions secure, manage and monitor privileged accesses, while ensuring end-users operate efficiently.

Powerful automation capabilities and user-friendly features streamline privileged access tasks for IT, Security, Audit and DevOps teams without sacrificing workflows.

They implement RBAC for privileged applications including:

  • Session recording
  • Password Vaulting
  • Password Rotation

Enable Compliance!

PAM solutions are also used to empower compliance.

Your business could be enriched by:

  • Accountability on privileged accesses
  • Need to know
  • Least privilege
  • Segregation of Duties

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