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Protect your accesses

Most of the companies today build their business on the protection of specific information that could go from trade secrets, to the way a process is performed or about the protection of sensitive information related with people or employees.

This information is commonly stored into webportal or databases, that could be deployed on premises or on a cloud platform and they could be related with the company itself, with third parties or with customers.

Every time you are exposing a service that may contain confidential information, you may want to implement a mechanism allowing only the authorized people to have access to such information and to interact with your system.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a model to restrict accesses to sensitive data: only those who will have their identity verified, and that will be entitled to access certain secrets, will be able to access data.

An Access Control solution could be a physical or logical system allowing organizations to restrict and regulate who can gain entry to different locations, assets or web-portals. This is a way of identifying users and employees, authenticating who they are through different methods and authorizing them access to items, areas or information.

Things could go wrong..

Behind most of Data Breaches there is unproper management of passwords: from their creation to their loss and, in many cases, also the lack of strong security controls for the protection of the sessions.

When these events occur, confidential information can be lost or critical systems can be accessed by unauthorized internal or external personnel, generating data breaches that could have disastrous consequences for companies.

Protect yourself today!

Keycloak is an open source IAM solution that implements Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On.

Some companies need only a SSO solution for theirs employees, while others want to implement custom MFA for their applications. Many enterprises are already using Keycloak, but they need help with scaling, migrating or extending their solution.

Let us help you!

We have been using Keycloak since 2015, gathering many real world experience throughout the years. From a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of users, we helped coordinate projects of all sizes.

PSYND supports your Keycloak integration with a competitive team, taking care of project management, architecture and solution design, integration and configuration, and last but not least maintenance and support.

Enable Compliance!

IAM solutions are also used to empower compliance.

Your business could be enriched by:

  • Access accountability
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Federation and Single Sign-On

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