Mobile Security

Danger in your pocket

Companies spend a large amount of money and resources to protect servers from hackers and malware: nowadays most people have some kind of protection on their laptops and personal computers.

But mobiles are generally forgot and left out: they are considered "less important" or "secure (because it's only a phone)", but this is a BIG mistake because these devices are more powerful than the systems that got humans to the Moon, more common in our lives than computers and can run almost any application, malwares included.

Danger in your pocket

How many banking, social media, shopping, email, chat applications do you have on your phone that contain personal information?

We share many personal information with these apps including phone numbers, positioning, behavior, usage statistics, contacts, photos, etc.

With the same devices used to access to business confidential, we also order our lunches, connect to our social medias or play games.

All these factors make the mobile security essential.

Let's check some data

  • In 2020, 97% of organizations faced mobile threats that used various attack vectors
  • 52% of users don't update the OS in the first month after release
  • Each device connects to an average of 160 unique IPs daily
  • 43% of users have no passcode or device lock set up
  • 40% of the world’s mobile devices are inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks due to flaws in their chipsets
  • 50% of companies have zero budget allocated to secure mobile devices

Zero Trust is the way

Mobile devices are threatened on all fronts. While user negligence is still the worst factor, malicious attacks can be easily caused by insecure applications or the operating system itself.

This vulnerable nature of phones is causing even bigger problems if they are used for business cases as well.

Using wrong approaches

More and more companies are supporting BYOD, CYOD, and COPE policies, but they don’t spend the time to teach their employees for best practices or the money to invest in a security solution.

They instead cut corners in favor of comfort and productivity, opening up the organization to all sorts of security threats and data compromise: an innocent new application downloaded can cause your company hundred of thousands in damages from a ransomware attack.

The current mentality has to be changed radically. Thankfully it can be done step-by-step, making it easy to adopt.

What can you as a user do?

  • Only download necessary applications which are considered generally safe
  • Avoid public WI-FI
  • Turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it
  • Connect to corporate resources through a VPN
  • Set up a complex device lock with biometric authentication
  • Use 2FA whenever it is possible
  • Get the best anti-malware solution that you can afford

What can organizations do?

  • Make security the top priority
  • Introduce well-crafted policies regarding mobile devices
  • Respect regulatory compliances
  • Get a company-wide security solution enabling management and monitoring
  • Invest in employee education - teach them how to stay safe from threats
  • Ask for professional help and advice

Let the experts help

We are taking the mobile dangers seriously. We are motivated, have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Adopt using best practices in mobile security
  • Defend against phishing and social engineering
  • Set up a top of the market solution defending against every threat type (including OS and hardware-caused vulnerabilities)
  • Guide your company through adopting safely the BYOD, CYOD, and COPE policies
  • Investigate and remove existing threats
  • Achieve compliance - GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, NERC & NDB
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Zimperium 2023 Mobile Threats

In recent years, mobile devices have continued to proliferate around the globe and become increasingly woven into the fabric of our daily lives. As a result, we’ve become mobile-first users—where mobile devices are our first choice for how we communicate, navigate, bank, take photos, shop, and stay informed. In turn, the companies that support us have shifted into mobile-powered businesses. Mobile-powered businesses are those organizations that are harnessing the unique power of mobile devices and apps to improve profitability, productivity, and customer experiences.

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