Cloud Security

Rising of the Cloud

Cloud adoption is increasing among all kind of industries, due to easiness of deployment and potential benefits in terms of costs, business agility, and innovation.

With some of the biggest technology companies offering cloud services for businesses, the industry has gained confidence and today, also financial services, started their cloud adoption seeing more benefits than risks when sharing computing resources.

Why is cloud security key?

Security is always essential, but it is especially vital to get it right in the cloud.

Having your data hosted by Third Parties, and accessible from remote, means that if your infrastructure will be not supported by a robust implementation, data could be potentially accessed by anybody on Internet.

Omnipresent security

It is not enough to have an antivirus and a firewall and be done with security. Mistakes can happen everywhere, so every component exposed to the web should be protected by several components including technical components and by a strong design in terms of security and privacy of data.

The weather doesn’t matter

It is not an excuse to lack security if you have a complicated environment or just starting out. There is an appropriate solution for all possible cloud environments, including:

  • Cloud Native
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Migration from on-prem
  • Multi-Cloud

Let us help you!

Security is a shared responsibility and cloud providers give you the basics to create a secure environment, but lack advanced tools, which are necessary in the dangerous landscape of the internet.

You will need a top of the market IPS, anti-malware, firewall, application security testing, web reputation, build-level security and a lot more, while protecting against zero-day threats, which no one has seen before.

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PSYND suggests a multi-layered strategy including user protection (PAM, MFA, etc.), network visibility, virtual patching, encryption, application security.

We are here to help in all the steps necessary to create a cloud environment as secure as humanly possible.

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