IAM Services

Identity and Access Management Services

Doesn't matter if you have already a consolidated IAM strategy or if you are just starting to approach to this domain: we can help you!

PSYND was created to reply to the corporate Identity and Access Management needs of customers. We are focused on this domain since 2007 and we already supported several customers with commercial and open source innovative solutions concerning Identity Management, Access Management and Privileged Access Management.

PSYND is proposing a structured methodology that, adapted to your needs, will provide you the best Return On Investment for your project, being sure to meet costs and deadlines.

Thanks to our experience we could contribute to your success in different part of your project, from the initial vision to the hand-over to your technical team.

Our consulting services could contribute to your success in different phases including:


  • Initial inventory of the IT and IAM infrastructure
  • Identification of the areas requiring restructuring and innovation
  • Development of feasibility studies and respective recommendations taking your strategic objectives into consideration tailoring the best approach aligned with your business and financial roadmap


  • Gather technical and business requirements
  • Define processes, strategies and roadmap
  • Definition of project specifications and planning
  • Support on RFP / RFI
  • Set up the team, budget and time frame


  • Design the IAM infrastructure
  • Implement the IAM processes
  • Integrate the solutions with your existing applications
  • Development of individual enhancements and interfaces
  • Testing and monitoring of results
  • Training of your IT specialists in the new applications
  • Support after the handover

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