Identity and Access Management

Identity Management

Identity Management, also known as Identity and Access Management (IAM), is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the correct people in a company have the right accesses to connect to the right resources.

This framework is commonly composed two different components as:

  • Identity Governance
  • Access Management

Why this is needed?

IAM enables business to define and manage the roles and access privileges of identities during their whole lifecycle inside the company.

Identities could be internal employees, external contractors, third parties or customers.

The core objective of IAM is to digitalize identities and to create automation to access to physical and digital assets within the company.

Things could go wrong..

Without a centralized orchestrator, could be extremely challenging to keep track of physical or logical assets that were assigned to a person.

An access granted by mistake to a wrong person, or not revoked for someone who left the company, or who simply changed the internal role, could lead to security, data privacy and compliance issues.

Passwords that are not periodically rotated for employees could lead external attackers to gain access to confidential information and to restricted systems, without the company realizing it also for many years.

Where to start?

The key of a correct IAM implementation starts from an analysis of your policies, your processes, your systems, and your existing accounts.

Don't fall in the common trap "most functionalities for the lowest price", because most of the time this approach could drive your project in the wrong direction and turn in something which is not worth the money spent: every project should be tailored on your needs, and never the other way around!

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