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With the increase of data breachs and leaks in the past years, data privacy and confidentiality is becoming one of the most talked about topic for governments and institutions.

For these reasons, laws regarding data protection are being enchanced all around the world. In Switzerland the nFADP (nLPD) sets out fines for private persons up to CHF 250'000 and if your company carries out an activity in Europe, it also has to be GDPR compliant as the fines can be up to 20M€ or 4% of annual global turnover. Since many years we are working with regulated industries and we can help you reply to your compliance needs.

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Compliance is a matter of security, not just regulation

Being compliant means that your company is following some specific process and is aligned on the security standards.

It will help your company not only to avoid fines but to developp a secure culture. Doing so, companies can prevent data leak and data breach by simply following a guideline with the right measures in place to reduce risks.

We need to locate the problem to be able to understand the ways to handle it. At PSYND, our approach is the following:


  • Complete analysis of the company legal guidelines
  • Understanding of any possible conflict with local and industry regulations including GDPR, nFADP (nLPD), HIPAA, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 29151, ISO 80001 or ISO 81001
  • Security assessment of your physical and digital security

Gap Analysis

  • Evaluation of gaps separating your company from compliance
  • Planning the next steps based on priorities


  • Project management
  • Documentation
  • Set up of IT Security Solutions and making of the legal part

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Our experts will assure that you put in place the right measures for your company. Mária Bicsi will guide you through your path to compliance.

Mária Bicsi

Mária is a PRINCE2, GDPR, CDPP & ISO27001 certified project manager. She has been leading projects in companies for almost a decade thanks to her strong knowledge in data protection, compliance, IAM, PAM and risk management. With her organized working methodology and customer-oriented approach she is able to guide you through the processes, plan exactly your activities and follow up on each of them. She will provide you with operational, executive reports and can coordinate in six languages.

Don't wait for the incident, your compliance should start from now!

Ask yourself: "Maybe something is missing in our policies or security?", let's change that together!

We will map out an exact action plan & strategy for your company.

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Complementary Guides

In collaboration with some of its partners, PSYND has developed data protection and privacy guidessome guides that could provide the right insights to those working on the development of their compliance strategies.

PSYND & Ground Labs / Data Discovery

Data has become the most valuable asset in the world, surpassing oil as the most profitable commodity.

While big data and innovation can result in revolutionary technology and more efficient ways of doing business, it comes with an insurmountable security threat. Most companies have an abundance of unknown, hidden data stored on their workstations, servers and in the cloud. This lack of awareness poses a huge threat to security and makes them vulnerable to breach.

PSYND & PingIdentity / CIAM

This document explains the compatibility between nFADP and CIAM and how it raises the success of a company.

The document first review the concepts of the new Federal Act on Data Protection and the common points between nFADP and GDPR and then explains the fact that CIAM helps to build trust between the company and his clients and also that CIAM helps input nFADP with more efficiency.

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