15th November, 2019

Security is never an 8 hours job

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Today at 15:30 a customer called me because they had a major problem in production.

During an update, something went wrong and the systems in production got corrupted without any recent backup to restore the business.

Clearly, such a situation was quickly detected by their customers who began asking for explanation and complaining.

Despite of the late hours, I investigated and I went in dept with the analysis until I was able to understand the root cause of the problem and, although I had only one attempt to recover everything, I restored in the best way all the systems, resulting with a zero loss of data: one shot, one kill.

Although this resulted in staying until late night in front of the computer, I feel that there is not a better reward in our job than resolving a big issue for a customer, because not only my customer was finally happy, but also their customers were.

Sometimes it’s nice to be respected not for the half a day that you spend in front of the computer to resolve an issue, but for the expertise that you developed during the years to be able to resolve that big issue in a half a day.

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