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PCI DSS - Implementer | PSYND Swiss Cybersecurity Services

PCI DSS - Implementer

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) has been created to enhance security of cardholder data, whilst enabling a consistent global standard of data security.

The PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a widely recognized and accepted information security standard that enables organizations to govern various branded credit cards through card schemes majorly offered. All the card brands have to essentially follow the PCI Standard that is administered and devised by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. PCI DSS is applicable to all the companies that store, process, or transmit data and information of the cardholders. This globally mandate standard also applies to all major central banks worldwide.

  • Security Breaches Overview
  • PCI DSS and AIS
  • Compliance Validation
  • Payment Applications
  • The PCI PIN Transaction Security Program
  • PCI DSS Applicability, Scoping, and, Network Segmentation
  • Compensating Controls
  • New Standards and Emerging Technologies
  • New Wireless Guidelines
  • Tokenisation
  • Security Management
  • System Configuration Standards
  • Encryption Patch Management and Software Development Controls
  • Maintaining Information Security Policies
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
  • Clear understanding of the various requirements of the Payment Card Industry Standards, and learn the intent behind each of its requirements.
  • Learn how to maintain your PCI compliant status effectively and minimize the possibility of card breach and resulting in a secure PCI environment.
  • Deep preparation to get a Certified Payment Card Industry Security ImplementerHolding the Court
Team members from:
  • Networking
  • Application Development
  • IT Security
  • Project Management
  • Information Security
  • Risk Management
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Compliance


CCSP26th Oct 2020 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP9th Nov 2020 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP30th Nov 2020 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP25th Jan 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP15th Feb 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP8th Mar 2021 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP12th Apr 2021 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP3rd May 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP31st May 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP28th Jun 2021 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP30th Aug 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CCSP13th Sep 2021 (5 days)Geneva
CISSP4th Oct 2021 (5 days)Zurich
CISSP1st Nov 2021 (5 days)Geneva
CCSP29th Nov 2021 (5 days)Geneva

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